{ Bridal Bouquets } What’s your style?

When thinking about bridal bouquets it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the variations these days. Exciting news – it’s the one area of your wedding that you’re 100% in control of.  So what is your style…let’s get this figured out!

 Are you a tailored kind of bride? Or is your dream bouquet a bit more loosely styled in it’s interpretation?  Think about what you want your vibe to be that day.  Some brides go with all white bouquets and others with pops of color or add jewels, feathers, heirloom pieces or religious symbols.  It’s all about what’s meaningful for you!

We’ve included a collection of bouquet styles below to help guide you in deciding what look you want to achieve.

Didn’t find the right style for you? Trust us… we’ve got so many more ideas for you waiting right here!

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