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{ Wedding Wednesday } Anna Marie + Jeremy

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{ Wedding Wednesday } Blake + Baylor

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{ wedding wednesday } katy + john

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{ Team Fleuriste Spotlight } Ashley

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{ Team Fleuriste Spotlight } Taylor


Taylor came to work for us after Jake won her over in a local cable access version of The Bachelorette. We’re still wondering…..

When she’s not off learning nurse-ish type things, she is here helping to keep the show running on the floral side. Taylor does a lot of our processing when we receive flowers and is trying her hand in designing. She has quickly become a valuable part of the team and if we can convince her to leave nursing to work here forever, we’d all be very happy. We recently had an impromptu conversation in which she was unaware I was recording, the following is what is appropriate to share:

Taylor what is your favorite flower to work with?
T: I love peonies and garden roses. I love how peonies add something to every arrangement, and I had never seen garden roses before and I fell in love with them!

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work and when you’re avoiding Jake?
T: I like reading and running and yoga { Note to self: don’t attempt these three activities at the same time. It doesn’t work }

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?
T: Neon Trees! I saw them at the Brady in Tulsa. They’re not my favorite band, but they put on an amazing show!

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An Icon’s Birthday. Celebrating Ranell Brown.

An iconic woman of warmth, style and grace. That’s how I would describe her.
And while my heavy heart acknowledges she’s not here to celebrate her birthday today, I will forever celebrate every incredible influence she’s had on my life.

Ranell was…

Daughter to my sweet (and sassy) Mema who affectionately longs to be with her daughter every day,
My father’s sister (and biggest cheerleader),
Wife to my incredible uncle Steve,
Mother to Matt and Meredith,
Lulu to her grandchildren,
The favorite aunt to her nieces and nephews,
The Family quarterback, gracefully calling all the plays,
A friend to everyone she met,
And among many other things, she was an icon to me.

Always there, listening and giving the best advice, my aunt Ranell made me feel exclusively special. Since moving back to Oklahoma, many people have shared their memories and stories about Ranell that ultimately revealed how special she made them feel. I quickly noticed the common thread.”Exclusively special” was the way Ranell made everyone feel. It was one of her countless gifts and she shared it – unconditionally.

In Ranell’s absence, The Fleuriste is lucky enough to now host the Crafty Crafters. This fabulous group of ladies historically met at Ranell’s house two Thursdays a month, for years and years. Inevitably, crafts transpired, as did lunch and lots of laughter and catching up. No one had to be particularly “crafty”; because at its core, this was really just a group friends who genuinely loved each other and wanted to spend time together. No technology, social media, texting, blogging or FaceTime, just friends connecting in real life. I must confess, Crafters are my guilty pleasure because they carry on that “exclusively special” feeling. These ladies fill my heart and wrap me in the spirit of Ranell every time they come to The Fleuriste. I’m so thankful that they’ve allowed me to join their friendship circle.

Ranell was so much more than I could ever aspire to be…she was Ranell… iconic, true and good.

So today, I say to my Aunt Ranell…

Happy Birthday dear!
You are celebrated, cherished, loved
and most certainly missed.
xoxo… Allison

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{ Feature Friday } Katy!

Today we’re featuring our newest employee, Katy! She is our Numbers Nanny and helps { well…tries to help… } keep Team Fleuriste organized and accounted for. Recently engaged, Katy is our first in-house bride and is enjoying seeing the behind-the-scenes of the wedding process. We are grooming her to be the best bride/client anyone has ever seen! { You’re welcome }

This gal bleeds orange, knows her way around a broom and loves a good Sal story. In between crunching numbers, Katy likes to make sure our mascot/shop dog, Nia, is behaving and gets plenty of love. Allegedly, she’s a great baker but since Team Fleuriste hasn’t seen the fruits of that labor, we’ll just have to take her friend’s word for it! { hint, hint } In her own words, here is more about Katy…
How long have you been at The Fleuriste and what excites you about working at The Fleuriste? I have been at the Fleuriste for two months! The team-oriented atmosphere and the passion that everyone has for their job is what excites me the most about my new role at the Fleuriste. It’s great coming to work each day and being around a fun and enthusiastic group of people.

Which three famous people, living or dead, would you want to have dinner with? Justin Timberlake, Ellen Degeneres, and Kerry Washington. This group would definitely not be a boring group and lots of endless laughs.

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t working? Hanging out with family and friends. I also love to attend OSU football games because I love everything OSU!

There’s a fire in your house – what three things do you take with you when you leave? Cell phone-of course, jewelry box, and my favorite purse.

You’re on the red carpet of a major event – which designer are you wearing? I would have loved to wear an Oscar de la Renta gown.

You’re #TeamFleuriste’s “Numbers Nanny” – what does that mean to you? I want to be the numbers expert and be able to help the team with any of their number’s needs and/or questions.

What is your favorite flower? Bird’s of Paradise


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Challenge Accepted

I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about the latest internet sensation…the Mannequin Challenge. While prepping for Flower School last week, Team Fleuriste had some fun and got in on the mannequin action! { I have a feeling the whole world will participate in this challenge when everyone is sitting in a turkey coma on Thanksgiving day }