{ Team Fleuriste Spotlight } Melissa

Let’s talk about our chaos coordinator, Melissa. Little but fierce, Melissa is full of energy, laughter, fashion, and smiles! 

She makes everyday spectacular especially with her delightful, yet sometimes questionable, jokes. George likes keeping her around for her “know it all attitude,” but she doesn’t have a clue what he is referring to…cheers to our mini Mel! We love having her on our side! Dying to know more about this ball of fire? Keep reading!

So, what are some of you favorite things about working at The Fleuriste? Flower School for sure! A close second though is doing the complete opposite of what George tells me to do. It’s so funny that he thinks he’s the boss. I also love getting to hang out with such cool people everyday! 

Why do you like Flower School so much? It’s a fun night for the team and for everyone who comes out! It’s an incredible way to learn about flowers and unique ways to arrange them. It’s so fun to hang out with everyone too! 

What type of flowers do you see in your future garden? Tulips for sure! They make me smile! Not sure if this makes me #basic though… 

We hate to bring up a sore subject; but word on the street is you aren’t great at driving. Any comments about that? First of all, I am REALLY good at driving! I think whoever you heard this “word” from is clearly jealous of my ability to swerve in and out of traffic, all while talking on the phone and putting on my lipstick. Personally, I find it to be pure talent!